Corpus of Hispanic Chivalric Romances

The texts found on this site are the result of the collaboration of various graduate students and colleagues who volunteered to transcribe texts to produce a corpus of chivalric and chivalric-related works. The transcriptions were previously published on two CD-Rom collections: A Computerized Corpus of Hispanic Chivalric Romances, Vols 1 & 2, published by the Hispanic Seminary of Medieval Studies in 2005 and 2008, respectively. Volume 1 contained fifteen texts, which complemented the individual chivalric works already published in electronic format by the Hispanic Seminary, as described in the introduction to the first CD publication. The second volume added seven additional romances to the corpus. The transcriptions were made from microfilm copies of the original printed books or manuscripts. Instances of dubious readings, unclear on the microfilm, are verified by personal inspection whenever possible, and missing lines or folios were reconstructed, as noted in the transcriptions. This site contains all the text published on the two volumes, as well as other romance and romance-like works previously published by the Hispanic Seminary of Medieval Studies, many of which are found on the CD publication, Electronic Texts and Concordances of the Madison Corpus of Early Spanish Manuscripts and Printings, coordinated by John O'Neill and published in 1991. In all instances, the semi-paleographic transcriptions are prepared according to the norms described in A Manual of Manuscript Transcription for the "Dictionary of the Old Spanish Language" (5th edition by David Mackenzie, revised and expanded by Ray Harris-Northall), published by the Hispanic Seminary of Medieval Studies (Madison, 1997). Images for the Crónica del Cid and Oliveros de Castilla texts are reproduced from fascimiles of those texts published by The Hispanic Society of America, and images are included on this site courtesy of the Society.

Each text transcription begins with the acknowledgment of the text's full title, bibliographic information, library where the book is housed, and name of transcriber(s). From the concordances, one can review all words in a given text and consult words in alphabetic, descending frequency, or reverse alphabetic order through the word lists. All texts are copyrighted by the Hispanic Seminary of Medieval Studies.

I would like to acknowledge the support of the Villas Associate and Nave Fellowships as well as the generous support provided by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education at the University of Wisconsin-Madison with funding from the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, which enabled me to pursue this project over the past several years and prepare the texts that are found on this site. I would also like to thank the many transcribers for their work and effort in preparing the texts; and my deep personal thanks to Dr. John O'Neill of the Hispanic Seminary of Medieval Studies and Hispanic Society of America for his help in preparing the CD collections and for checking illegible passages in the Clarián Part I, Book II; and to Dr. Barry Taylor of the British Library for helping in reconstructing the missing folio of the same text; and to the late Professor Ray Harris-Northall for answering many questions of a linguistic and lexicographic nature during the preparation of these transcriptions. I would also like to acknowledge the following libraries for graciously granting permission to publish the transcriptions of texts housed in their collections: British Library (London), Biblioteca Nacional (Madrid), Bibliothèque Mazarine (Paris), The Hispanic Society of America (New York), Biblioteca Universitaria (Oviedo), and Biblioteca de Catalunya (Barcelona). Finally, special thanks to the Hispanic Seminary of Medieval Studies for its permission to include on this site the transcriptions of chivalric texts from their various CD publications.