Celestina Early Editions

The texts found on this site are the result of the collaboration of various graduate students and colleagues who volunteered to transcribe texts to produce a corpus of early Celestina editions. The transcriptions were published on CD-Rom by the Hispanic Seminary of Medieval Studies in 1997: Early "Celestina" Electronic Texts and Concordances (General Editors Ivy A Corfis and John O'Neill; Senior Project Consultant Theordore S. Beardsley, Jr.; and Technical Coordinator John J. Nitti). In all instances, the semi-paleographic transcriptions are prepared according to the norms described in A Manual of Manuscript Transcription for the "Dictionary of the Old Spanish Language" (5th edition by David Mackenzie, revised and expanded by Ray Harris-Northall), published by the Hispanic Seminary of Medieval Studies (Madison, 1997). Images are courtesy of The Hispanic Society of America.

Each text transcription begins with the acknowledgment of the text's full title, bibliographic information, library where the book is housed, and name of transcriber(s). From the concordances, one can review all words in a given text and consult words in alphabetic, descending frequency, or reverse alphabetic order through the word lists. All texts are copyrighted by the Hispanic Seminary of Medieval Studies.